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Comment : Re: Re: Rehab and Therapy
Posted by Jan_M on Sat 3:14pm 25 January 2003

My insurance covered the PT and he's been great. He showed me lots of exercises to do from the couch/recliner and also how to get around on crutches/walker the correct way so I don't get hurt again. It might be a ggod time to start working on your muscles because rehab/therapy will be tough. I'm doing leg extensions/thigh lifts with ankle weights on my good leg since that leg is now doing the work of two. I'm looking into shower chairs now since I'll need one for at least 4 months. How are you doing with showers? Hope your having a great weekend - I'm going out tonight with friends for the first time but I can park up front with my handicap placard! Oh the little things that get me excited now...

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 Sat 3:14pm 25 January 2003
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