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Comment : Re: Your Poor Husband...LATE NIGHT RANT!
Posted by Erica D. on Tue 10:53pm 28 January 2003

I'm glad your mates have been good to you; mine has been awful!

It's not his freakin' leg that's broken--it's mine, but somehow he wants all the sympathy for getting stuck doing housework and taking care of the kid once in a while. (If he'd done more housework in the first place, I wouldn't have broken my leg!)

Meanwhile, I've been stuck at home in a leg-long cast since Thanksgiving. I feel like an unattractive freak, and he does nothing to help me through it.

This place is a disgusting mess. He ignores me most of the time. I feel alone and depressed.

I have an OS appointment tomorrow, and I might have to take a cab there, because he doesn't want to take time off!

He treats me like I'm faking it, or something. The week I had all the trouble with a charlie horse inside the cast, he complained that I was keeping him up.

I am seriously thinking about hobbling myself out of here.

Sorry for the Rant.

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 Tue 10:53pm 28 January 2003
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