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Comment : Re: Re: Your Poor Husband...LATE NIGHT RANT!
Posted by Jan_M on Wed 8:39am 29 January 2003

I'm so sorry that you're not getting support/help/compassion from your husband. It must be so difficult and lonely. I was looking for your diary but couldn't find it - do you have one? How old are your kids? have they been able to help? I've been able to start straightening up the house a little now that I'm up on a walker - I know how you feel about the house - especially since we're home all day looking at it! I'm assuming you've tried talking to your husband - before you make any permanent decisions and if your marriage was good before the break, can you talk to a mutual friend/priest/doctor who can help with the issues? Please don't feel alone - there's a lot of support out there if you ask..
I'm praying for you-

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 Wed 8:39am 29 January 2003
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