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Comment : Re: Next OS visit and venting
Posted by Valerie on Sun 11:11am 9 February 2003

Good luck on Thursday . . .I know what you mean about the difficulty of keeping a happy face. I admire you for staying alone with children for a week. I would be terrified to be alone with only myself to care for.
I work with a man who has MS - he is in his wheelchair pretty much full time now, and due to the nature of the disease does not really have any hope of walking again. Every time I start to wallow in my own self pity (which is more often than I care to admit), I think of him. At least our situation is temporary, even though it does not always feel that way. Even many of the people on this site have it much worse than you and I. Trite . . . but true. Have a great week and enjoy having your husband back - hopefully the change of scenery was a well-deserved break for him. I would imagine that he and your children are both pretty proud of you!

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 Sun 11:11am 9 February 2003
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