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Comment : Re: Re: Next OS visit and venting
Posted by Jan_M on Sun 11:25am 9 February 2003

Thanks for the reality check. When this first happened I always said it could be worse but I'm starting to forget it more now. (I think my 'female' hormones are kicking in as well:-))My husband is a trooper but I think my kids are getting sick of not having me around to do all their stuff. All of the school work my 6 year old brings home is somehow related to my leg - pictures, stories, etc. It's sad to watch it manifest that way - I want him to be making pictures of snowmen. My 8 year old hasn't shown too much emotion yet. Between the cabin fever, Dad getting home at 7:30 from work and Mom asking them to help more is making for lots of short tempers and tantrums - from me as well! But it could always be worse.
Hubby and I did get out to dinner last nite - pretty embarrassing having everyone move their chairs in for a gimp in a walker but at least I'm never the designated driver. I just got a prescription for Ambien since I'm not sleeping well at all - maybe the extra zzz's will make me feel better!
I'm sure this mood swing will end soon-thanks for support!

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 Sun 11:25am 9 February 2003
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