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Comment : Ambien and sleeping
Posted by Jan_M on Mon 10:40am 10 February 2003

Okay, so we've tried the body pillows, regular and 'husband' pillows (the ones with the arms) and nothing is working. I find that even if I've had a glass or two of wine, I fall asleep okay, but I wake up shortly afterwards and can't get comfortable, can't roll over and watch the clock. Hubby continues to sleep/snore/get comfy. Even the Vicodins aren't helping and I didn't want to get use them as a sleep aid. All 3 of my docs (OS, GYN. and GP) were fine with me taking Ambien - even if I need it for up to two months. It's not habit forming and there is no "hangover" (like you may get from Valium or something) I really made sure they were okay (hence called all three of my docs) and plan to take them every other day just to get at least enough sleep so I'm not a witch. I took one Friday and Sunday and slept through the nite. I didn't fell anything (no buzz/wooziness) just fell asleep watching TV about 15 minutes later. Still alittle stiff (neck, shoulders, back) but you can't have everything...Let me know if this helps. (Benadryl gives me the jitters!)

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 Mon 10:40am 10 February 2003
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