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Comment : Spring is coming!
Posted by Jan_M on Thu 4:54pm 6 March 2003

Sorry about your blue day - I've actually had more of them recently than at the beginning. Did you rescedule your O/S? I'm sure it will go fine - Our bones are healing sooooooooo slowly the extra few days shouldn't make a big difference physically, although mentally it's a killer. My O/S doesn't want to see my for 6 more weeks and I'm supposed to work my way up to 40 lbs weight bearing during that time. I want him to see me every week and tell me there's tons of improvement. It's amazing how this life altering event to us is just one of hundreds of cases to our O/S and they don't feel the urgency we do. Your fellow MLBers do and, don't forget, WE all sympathize:-)
Tomorrow is another day - TGIF (hubbies home!)

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 Thu 4:54pm 6 March 2003
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