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Comment : Happy Anniversary!
Posted by Jan_M on Tue 7:58am 11 March 2003

Okay - so it's not quite roses and candy It's funny when I read the 'new' diaries I feel so bad for them knowing what they're going through now when I'm feeling like an old trooper! My 10 week anniversary was Saturday - I figure I've got about 10 to go. I also am getting more frustrated as time goes on. I mentioned to my husband last nite that I felt bad that even though I can drive now, I can't carry his stuff to the drycleaner. His reaction was "I can't believe you can't figure it out - just leave the clothes in the car and crutch into the store - the guy will go to the car and get it for you!". I actually got mad because I thought I was being nice thinking of him and his reaction was made me feel like I was stupid for not being creative enough. Maybe I'm just taking things personally now but I'm tired of asking for help. I was so excited that I picked my kids up from school for the first time since the break and then he makes me feel like I'm not doing everything I possibly could. Does this make any sense or am I just rambling???????
Good luck on your visit - lots of prayers are coming your way! Jan

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 Tue 7:58am 11 March 2003
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