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Comment : Re: Happy Anniversary!
Posted by Valerie on Wed 11:51am 12 March 2003

My 10 week anniversary will be this Sunday. I do feel like one of the "old troopers" as you put it! I am sooo envious of you driving. I cannot wait to drive. It must be such a boost to your independance. I think that this whole scenario has been really hard on the husbands . . . I keep having to force myself to remember all the good things that he has been doing for me for the last 9.5 weeks, like driving me to work every day, to church every Sunday, etc. I know that he does not mean to be insensitive (and I am sure that yours does not either!), but he just does not get it sometimes. The other night I knelt outside the tub, washed my hair under the fawcet and got up again ALL BY MYSELF. I was so excited and proud of myself - he just could not see the big deal! Hang in there . . .

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 Wed 11:51am 12 March 2003
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