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Vicki : Let me tell you how I broke my leg....
Diary entry posted Wed 11:11am 13 December 2006

On Nov 18, 2006 I went out with a friend and her toddler to a local hockey game. It was an afternoon game and then free skate with the team afterwards and the city chirstmas parade that evening. This was our plan. She was talking to me asking if I woud join her and her son for skating. I was like no don't think never did it before. I wish I would have stuck to my guns on that. We got up to the table later where you trade your shoes for a pair of skates. They didn't have my 8 1/2 and I was like no but the girl goes I have a 9 and you could use those. I tried them on. I couldn't get the knot out of the right shoe lace and my friend said well just do the best you can and tuck it. I should have stayed and done the knott. I stood up and was like woo. I should known then that if I couldn't walk on them I couldnt skate. No stupid me and trying to prove I wasn't a wimp went out there. well her and her son go on. I stick to the wall. I should have turned arounF and went back. The ice was a little ripply. I got halfway around and this lady stopped in front of me. I tried to stop and lost my balance and fell. Boy did I feel pain. I started screaming and grabbing my leg and couldn't sit up. All of a sudden I had the team doc (for the hockey team) their and their fitness coach. They splinted my leg. First they took off the skate OH MY GOD! then they cut off my new sock. Put the splint on. Someone called the EMS. Another person skated up to my friend and said hey your friend fell and it looks pretty bad. I had the whole staff it seems surronding me. One of the hocekey players went and got one of his pictures and signed it and gave it me. Everytime someone moved my leg I screamed. I started gettin cold laying on the ice waiting for the EMS. They finlly get there. Even thouh I am in pain I am thinking how are they going to do this. well the guys got out on the ice with the gurney. Loaded me up that hurt. We headed out. Got into the EMS unit (always drove one never ridden in as a patient) and they started IV line and radio the local hospital asking to give me morphine. well he did and it didn't take. He radioed back in and asked to do another and they said Yes. We get to the hospital and I went to they take me to a room. They put me onto their (hospital) bed. Doc came in and took a look at it. Took off the splint and oh my! I glanced down there and it looked so deformed. The doc came back in with the nurse and they popped it back into place. It hurt but also felt good at the same time. I go to for xrays. Came back my hubby and my friend come in. When she came she gave me a hockey puck from the team they all signed it for me. Doc came back in and said I really broke it. Both bones and will need sugery to fix them. The OS would be down to see me. This all started around 6pm. I am told i am being admitted and will have surgery in the AM. i called my Mom wo lives 4 hours away. I ask her I need a favor she is like okay can you come and help me for awhile. She asked why? I said I just broke my leg and I have to have surgery in the am. My mom said give me 5 hours we will be there. They take me to my room. I get up there to my room. Have to cut off my new jeans and all. Nurse put in a cath for me. Got me comfortable. Hubby came in for a bit. I didn't sleep much even though I had my own room. At 6:30 the next morning two techs come in and say you ready? They take me to the OR floor. The docs come in all sorts asking questions telling me I can choose to have the surgery or not if I didn't their could be a longer recovery and diffcult. I told him I was told i was going to have it so might as well. I asked about the hardware they said it will be with me for the rest of my life. Next thing I know I hear them ask did you give her the happy meds the doc goes I am now. The next thing I know they are waking me up.
I am taken back up to my room. My Mom, Grandma and Hubby is in there. Then grandma goes to the lobby to watch my kids so Dad could come up. They stayed for a bit.
I stayed in the hospital fom saturday night til wednesday morning. Got flowers from the hockey team and my work and my friend that I was with.
On tuesday this lady comes in and says she is the PT. I have to get up. She went and got a more comfortable chair for beside my bed. Stood me up pivoted me and sat me down. She then leaves. Yeah she popped up my foot. Two hours go by and I am in pain and ring for the nurse the NA's come in it took them 2 and hubby to get me back in bed. It hurt so bad. I almost ripped off one the NA's head. The next day the PT comes in again and does the same thing. But it was an hour this time and I got back in bed with hubby's help with no pain.
I have learned never go skating again. No matter how easy it looks.

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 Wed 11:11am 13 December 2006
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