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Comment : Slipped on ice
Posted by Barb on Tue 2:47pm 18 March 2003

I was searching the web trying to find out how many months do you limp after breaking a leg. Today my 'boss' had asked me why I was still limping. I felt like punching her in the nose - I thought I was doing great.

In the evening on 1/6/03, my daughter & son needed to go to the store. My daughter was going to drive so I walked behind the car to get to the passenger side. I took a step and down I went. I heard it break. My husband was rinsing out a bucket in the driveway and it froze up. I broke the big bone in 2 and the smaller bone in 2 places. They put in a 'rod' and screws. For 2 weeks I laid in bed going crazy then I went back to work (my boss thought I would only be out for one week).

During my last doctor's appointment, he said I didn't have to use the cast anymore. That I could put weight on my leg. Maybe in a month, I can go for walks. Each time I see the doctor he tells me I am doing wonderful.

I think I am much improved since January. Considering what my leg looked like, I think I am doing great. My leg still aches and I still take Ibuprofen.

My boss thinks she knows everything but never broke a bone. And no matter what, she has been in more pain than anyone else.

But I am curious, what is the timeline???

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 Tue 2:47pm 18 March 2003
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